Meditation and Crystals

The use of Meditation is found worldwide. It is used to gain a deeper knowledge or understanding of our inner self, and to attain spiritual peace within ourselves. It brings comfort to many people of all walks of life. It may be just a very comforting activity to some, or it may have a much deeper spiritual meaning for others. Each person will find their own unique ways of meditating, calming their anxieties and revitalising of their spirit.

Hopefully, this will be of help to those who are just beginning to use meditation. Meditation is a very unique, personal way to become better acquainted with your own spirit. No two  people will do this the same way. You need to find what methods seem most comfortable to you.

The choice of crystals to use will be a personal choice, however, a quartz crystal or an amethyst crystal are suggested to get you started, due to the basic nature of these two stones. Of course, you may try whatever your heart feels is best at the time. But, these two stones are renowned for the positive results they help you to achieve. Make certain that the crystal you decide to use has been properly `cleansed' and `programmed' for use in meditation.

It is best to have quiet area to be used for meditation. You can even put together a special room. Many people prefer to meditate outdoors in a remote area, with nature as their atmosphere. If you wish to prepare a special area or a room, it helps to have a large quartz crystal in each corner of the room, with the points aimed at the centre of the room. `Program' each of these crystals to release their loving, gentle, relaxing energies into all corners of the room. The crystals will surround you with their beautiful, exciting energies.

You will want to make it a practice to hold a quartz crystal or an amethyst in your hand while you meditate.

This will enhance the spiritual depths of your experience during the meditation. Your crystal or amethyst will, with practice, enable you to discover a new and awesome journey into the depths of your soul. Your psyche contains many previously uncharted depths that will open up within you. This is a wondrous journey, a way of learning more about yourself, much more than you ever dreamed was possible. It will be a place of joyous new beginnings for some, and a place of affirmations of things you felt, but could not quite identify, about yourself. It will expand your inner consciousness and awareness to a higher degree... opening a whole new dimension. It is a spiritual renewal of truly epic proportions for many people.

There are many people who highly recommend the use of an amethyst for Meditation. It is very well known for its ability to relieve mental anxiety and physical stress. The stress and tension is often felt in every fibre of our being. The beautiful amethyst crystal can offer its own inner peace and tranquillity.... this is truly a stone of the most sublime relaxation. You may want to consider using an amethyst for your meditations when stress is weighing you down, or only because you like the `feel' of its energies. The amethyst is a truly powerful and versatile stone.

Quartz Crystals are also widely used to amplify positive energy during meditation. A grid of stones can be set up around you too:

Amethyst (Calm and Peace)

Clear Quartz (Amplify Positive Energy)

Black Tourmaline (Block Negative Energy)

Citrine (Spiritual Prosperity)

Amazonite (Balance and Harmony)

Apophyllite (Energy Stimulator) Powerful stone to use on the third eye.

Astrophyllite (Find your Inner Self)

Aventurine (master healer)

Blue Lace Agate (Promotes Wisdom)

Danburite (Access Inner Knowledge)

Kyanite (Opens Communication to Higher Self)

Lodolite (Access Higher Knowledge and Guidance)

Moonstone and Rainbow Obsidian (Enhance Clairvoyance)

Ruby Zoisite (Enhanced Energy Flow)

Seraphinite and Celestite (Angel Communication)

Shattukite (Enhance Phychic Vision)

Sodalite (Inner Peace)

Specularite Hematite (Balance Energy)

Hematite (Grounding during meditation)

Although a grid of every stone is not required, a collection can be built up slowly with the most relevant stones first that you feel will help you most.

How about music? Maybe you will want to try meditation with music. Just be careful to choose something that is harmonious and even rather mystical. Softly playing music of an Oriental style, or Native American flutes, soft singing, or soft, muffled drumming, or even `New Age' type of music played in the background can enhance your experience. Some people may even like classical music, or a relaxing background of soft piano music.

Just keep it relaxing and soft, to allow your mind to explore the depths of your spirit. Most who meditate seriously find that loud, raucous or negative music does not have the desired effects. It can leave you feeling worse than when you started.

If you don't have lots of crystals, for setting them up around the room, etc., don't let that stop you from proceeding on to use meditation for yourself. Find a quiet place in your home.... even during a nice long soak in the bathtub (perhaps with sea salts added) and a couple of candles (or maybe your favourite incense), burning. Hold your crystal or amethyst, and go off into your meditation. Just tell other members of your household ahead of time that you will not be available for a while! This can do some very relaxing things to your spirit and adds a general feeling of wellbeing.

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